Analysis of Zara’s digital brand

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¿How is Zara promoting its brand across online media?

To increase online brand awareness for Zara clothing apparel, the Spanish clothing and accessories retailer makes sure to project a strong and unique image through its great presence in social media .

Zara uses a minimalist but at the same time alternative and abstract format which is as well the essence of their clothing line. This format is present across all their social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest) as well as in their own web page.

On the front page of their website pictures and videos of their new campaigns show up. They are normally abstract and unrealistic in which the models look like if they were in a meditative state, sad but relaxed. The videos usually have alternative music to them that follows that same tone.

On their social media, they continue their strategy of being minimalistic on all the pictures and posts they publish. On their Facebook page, they post about twice a week simple pictures of their clothing lines. And, to create better brand awareness competitions, photo sharing contests are be held. To target young adults and teenagers, Zara will Tweet and Instagram pictures or videos (same ones to those in their website) once a day. In Pinterest Zara uses promoted pins to show off latest styles and new arrivals. And in Youtube Zara will use the Live Event Page for fashion shows, new stores and new arrivals.

Their overall social media brand is very strong and attractive. But they are always criticized because of the sad tone their storytelling has. Models always look depressed no matter what gender or age. And I believe if the image they projected on social media was more positive, it will impact the perception of the consumers and perhaps result in a long term profitable decision.

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